Jackpot Capital Casino Player’s Winnings to pay for Nephews Funeral

Achilles Slot - Online Casino Game

A lucky online casino player, Lucille C, won a whopping $107,000 over two days last week wagering at Jackpot Capital Online Casino.

Lucile won 7 slots jackpots over the two day period with a $60 deposit. She first won $52K wagering on the Achilles slot machine game and a few hours later won $22K playing the Builder Beaver slots game. This was followed by a $3K win on Caesar’s Empire and $7K on Coat of Arms. Lucile’s luck continued the following day and she went on to win $29K on the Prince of Sherwood slot game and $1700 on Count Spectacular making her total win for the two days in excess of $107,000.
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Easy Online Casino Games

Roulette - Online Casino Games

To a person looking for some fun online, casino sites offer a variety of games. Some are easy to play and some requires experience and strategizing. Occasional players, though, would most likely choose the easy ones. Here are some of them.



First is the roulette. In this game, the player chooses a number which he thinks will be the winning number. After the players have placed all their bets, the dealer would then spin the roulette wheel and release the ball. The winning number would be the one where the ball landed. Although, there is a lesser chance of winning in roulette compared to other casino games, it is pretty simple and depends more on luck than strategy. It can also be played by all ages since the object is just to predict where the ball will finally settle.
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